The Raffles Model United Nations Conference (RMUN) was first organised in 1992, as the Raffles Mock United Nations Security Council Conference. Back then, it was a quiet, one-day affair attended by just a handful of secondary school students and simulated a single UN body.

Today, RMUN is a premier model United Nations conference organised by the RI (Y5-6) History and Strategic Affairs Society. Throughout the three days of the conference, students role-play ambassadors or press members from an assigned UN member nation. Students (referred to as ‘delegates’) will engage in intensive debates over world issues which are currently being deliberated on by the UN.

In the 28 years since, it has increased vastly in scope to include three full days of debates held concurrently in many UN councils. RMUN has established itself as one of the most prestigious student-organised events in Singapore – it is after all, one of the largest and most long-running competitions in both the secondary school and junior college circuits – with a rich tradition of stimulating debates, first-rate speeches and enthralling performances. It promises to be an amazing three-day journey for all delegates.


RMUN’s mission has not changed since its very inception – to educate the leaders of tomorrow about the processes within the UN, and the nature of modern day diplomacy. Furthermore, the organising committee behind RMUN (RI HSTA) wishes to get youths acquainted with the problems which we face today, in hopes that they will be inspired to work for a better world. Delegates will have the opportunity to develop their public speaking abilities and negotiating skills. Finally, RMUN is a valuable platform for youths to connect and make new friends!