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AU Study Guide RMUN 2018

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The South Sudanese Civil War is an ongoing conflict in South Sudan between forces of the South Sudanese Government, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), led by President Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, and the rebel group, SPLM-In Opposition, led by former Vice-President Machar, an ethnic Nuer. Political conflict and ethnic tensions pose the threat of genocide of thousands in the newest country in the world. Up to 300,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the war, and more than 3.5 million people have been displaced. The conflict has ethnic undertones, with accusations of targeted killings of ethnic communities on both sides.

Delegates are expected to discuss issues such as dealing with the immediate humanitarian crisis, protecting vulnerable communities, maintaining peace and stability, de-escalating hostilities, as well as working towards a long-term and sustainable resolution of this conflict. Delegates should also discuss the role of the African Union in peace negotiations and post-war reforms.

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Public sector corruption is the biggest challenge to effective governance and development in Africa. It has led to disastrous impacts such as impeded economic growth and efficiency, exacerbated income inequality, extreme poverty and weakened public infrastructure in many African nations. It is estimated that nearly 75 million people in the Sub-Saharan African region alone have paid a bribe in 2015, not just to escape punishment, but even just for access to basic services. Despite the far-reaching consequences of public sector corruption, it is unfortunately a particularly difficult issue to resolve because the very people who should be responsible for preventing this problem are the ones propagating it.

Delegates are expected to discuss issues such as gaps in the current measures of African countries with regards to combating public sector corruption, the role of domestic governments in crack downs, implementing a regional anti-corruption framework in Africa and setting up of a transboundary regulatory body which deals with public sector corruption at a regional level.

 Head Chair: Danial

Co-chairs: Jenna, Andrew

AU_DanialDanial is a Year 6 student in the Humanities Programme in Raffles Institution. He has attended several MUNs as a member of the History and Strategic Affairs Society in RI, recently winning awards in SMUN 2017 and NTUMUN 2018. He strives to make RMUN African Union an enjoyable and enriching experience for all delegates – beginners as well as veterans. Besides MUNning, he is also a member of the Raffles Debaters, and enjoys playing sports and listening to hip hop music in his free time. He looks forward to fruitful debate in the African Union at RMUN 2018. He can be contacted at

AU_JennaA Further Maths student, Jenna constantly attempts to strike a balance in the perceived dichotomy between the humanities and the sciences through the additional elective of H3 Econs (and MUN, obviously), and thus in the process excels at neither. Although hardly a newcomer on the circuit, she has to confess that her experiences at MUNs have been few and far between, though she is proud to say that her limited exposure has brought her newfound insights, diverse friends, and a couple of awards. She hopes that all delegates would contribute to making RMUN 2018 an enriching and enjoyable time for everyone involved. In her spare time, Jenna enjoys figure skating (both as a spectator and a participant), reading (an eclectic mix of genres), and long afternoon naps (on a comfortable surface). If one has the urgent need to contact her, she may be reached at

AU_AndrewAndrew is a Year 5 student in the Humanities Programme in Raffles Institution. He began his MUN journey 2 years ago at SCMUN 2016, and has attended many more conferences since then, most notably chairing at UNASMUN 2017. When not contemplating a long overdue retirement from the circuit, he enjoys reading, watching Youtube, and occasionally a game of Ultimate. He hopes that RMUN 2018 can be an enriching experience for all, and that delegates will leave having gained a better understanding of the workings of the African Union, and forged (hopefully) lasting friendships with their fellow council mates. Should delegates have any queries, they can contact him at