Arab League



Since medieval times, the Kurdish has been a separate nation with its distinct culture, yet statehood persistently seemed out of reach. Autonomy was eventually granted to the Kurdish in Northern Iraq, or what the Kurdish consider as “Southern Kurdistan”, but self-determination remained distant in the other parts of “Greater Kurdistan”. With the changing political climate and geopolitical situation in the Middle East, would the Kurdish finally have a chance at greater autonomy within all of what they consider their homelands? Conflict of interests between member states will make this multifaceted issue a controversial topic to discuss.


The Arab Spring might have led to various democratisation efforts of several member states, including the liberalisation of press freedoms, yet other states have remained oppressive of their press. The Arab World has been infamous for its oppression of the press, through methods such as kidnaps, forced arrests and even outright murder of journalists. With the recent case of the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, the issue of press freedoms in the Arab World has yet again been thrust into the spotlight. How free should the press be? Member states must reconcile their differences to formulate a common solution.


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