Historical Crisis Council

RMUN 2019_HCC_Study Guide

The Crisis Council is a simulation not of principles and framework, but one of action and reaction. Above all, RMUN Crisis has always been a place where delegates demonstrate how human they are. Their empathy, adaptability, ingenuity, and foresight.

Introduction to Topic


This year, RMUN Crisis will be a portal to the Indian Subcontinent of 1945. A nation electrified by idealism and hopes of freedom after 200 long years ruled by an island some nearly 7000 kilometres away. A nation united yet divided and in need of heroes. Unfortunately, all they have is leaders. Leaders who, struggling to strike a balance between fiery ideals and competent pragmatism, now too have to rise up to be these heroes.

Want to be a hero? Let RMUN Crisis 2019 teach you what that means.


Crisis Team: (From left to right): 1st Row: Kirsten Clare, Stephanie Lim 

2nd Row: Alexis Loh, Charlotte Ng

3rd Row: Huang Beihua, Priyansh Mitesh Shah, Geng Heqin

Crisis Team_Formal Shot

Crisis Frontroom: (From left to right): Geng Heqin, Charlotte Ng, Stephanie Lim

Crisis Frontroom_Formal Shot

Chargrilled, Charbroiled, Charcoal, Charmeleon, Charmander, Charizard

Charlotte is glad to be cha(i)ring this council and she’s absolutely charmed to meet you all! Despite the many fire related puns evident in conjunction to her name, Charlotte wishes to see India flourishing and *not charred* to bits by the end of crisis. As a young and fresh Y5, she waffled in choosing her combi and as such has landed herself neatly into the hybrid combination of PMEH (where she considers Econs and History as one). After attending too many MUNs, Charlotte has finally found a place that it may potentially be useful, her desolate looking International History grades. Seeing as the topic this year is historical and demarcates a significant changing point in history that has lasting impacts till this day, she hopes the delegates will take the time to carefully research and come eager to discuss the nuances of nation building.

His combination is PCM-KI, but may as well be KI, Literature, Math and Econs (KILME) because he’s dying to chair the Crisis council for RMUN 2019! Heqin is a Y5 student this year but also looks like he’s ready to retire (not from MUN, but from life in general). He is also currently questioning his decision to chair 2 conferences in a row in June (RMUN and SMUN). Armed with a disproportionate amount of epistemological knowledge and an average of too little sleep a night, Heqin is wiLLiNg aNd AbLe to take on the challenge of chairing RMUN’s most exciting Crisis yet. When he’s not MUNning or MUGging, Heqin can be found collecting watches, managing his chaotic schedule in Timetree and living under a rock (though somehow managing to keep up with current affairs at the same time). He wishes delegates of the Crisis cabinet a meaningful and (hopefully!) intellectual time at Raffles Model United Nations 2019.

Crisis Backroom: (From left to right): Huang Beihua, Alexis Loh, Kirsten Clare

Crisis Backroom_Formal

A Y6 student who show still finds the call of MUN more alluring than that of studying for A levels, Alexis is honoured to once more be part of a crisis team. Having worked with the capable six-foot tall budget boy (aka Priyansh) and many other projects before, she hopes that RMUN19 Crisis will be one that’s equally as memorable. In her free time, she does a lot of pretending: that she’s good at singing, that her life is somewhat together, and that she’s in retirement (as a delegate) from the (local) MUN circuit. If you see her around, feel free to ask about the finer points of tsum tsum strategy, give her a pack of oreos (preferably mini), or back out in sheer confusion as she tries to convince you to do something stupid (anyone want to go caving in Vietnam with me?) All things said, she hopes you will come to love the madness of crisis as much as she does, and looks forward to seeing you at RMUN 2019!

Beihua is a Year 5 student in RI’s Humanities Programme, though his acceptance by which is questioned whenever his Geography essays are graded. While he frequently spends an eternity vowing to catch up on his studies, or even just to start on his never-ending backlog of books to read, these are often conveniently forgotten as he rushes to meet deadlines for his school newspaper, journeys to remote corners of the island on plane-/bird-watching trips, and sings to tunes from Les Miserables that his classmates begrudgingly tolerate just one day more at a time. Though frequently mistaken as an excuse for his miserable award record, Beihua genuinely believes that the learning experience MUN begets far outweighs any certificates you might receive, and is excited to help make your RMUN experience even the least bit more memorable.

Kirsten is a Year 5 student who takes the not-so-common subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and French. She is extremely bad at time management and at waking up on time, but she tries her best. The planning of this crisis has somehow come to take precedence over her academics. With a small team of Crisis staff that is putting their all into crafting a quality simulation, she promises delegates that if they come passionate and prepared, they’ll be in for a Crisis experience that they’ll never forget.