Joint Crisis Council

JCC Study Guide RMUN 2018

This is a crisis council. 


Venezuela is a land of paradox. Here, supermarkets are fully stocked, yet 9 out of 10 people cannot afford three full meals a day. Here, the ruling party enjoys popular support, but millions take to the streets to demand fair elections. Here, there is no war, yet hundreds of thousands have fled as far as Iraq and Syria, where it is safer.

In this Joint Cabinet Crisis, delegates must operate in the world’s most violent city, presided over by a regime propped up by money made from the world’s largest oil reserves, but made worthless by the world’s highest rate of inflation. The federal government, the opposition, the people, the narcos, the military, the rich, the poor and everyone in between will find themselves in a sea of intrigue and uneasy alliances. As Venezuelan society continues its implosion, government and opposition councils alike may either step up to restore order, or prepare to ride the wave of ensuing chaos.

The Cabinet of Venezuela comprises a dozen Ministers of Venezuela, all of whom come from the dominant Socialist Party. Fraught with accusations of corruption and massive civil unrest, the Cabinet must keep Venezuela from imploding by exercising immense executive power.

The Civilian Cabinet comprises a mix of civil activist groups, opposition political parties and even pro-Socialist armed militias. Members of this cabinet must carefully manage opposition to the increasingly undemocratic regime amidst widespread repression and public disillusionment with both the regime and the opposition.

With information sourced on the ground through local online forums, corresponding with Venezuelan public officials through Twitter, contacting local activists and interviewing Venezuelan WorldMUN champion teams, we hope to bring the crisis unfolding half a world away into the council room.

Delegates, welcome to Venezuela.


1st picture (from left to right): Hoe Chang, Elliot, Stephanie, Surya, Minh

 2nd picture (from left to right): Charlotte, Jin Xuan, Priyansh