European Union

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The European Migration Crisis, which started in 2015, has resulted in immense socio-political ramifications on the continent, threatening EU solidarity in face of the influx of refugees. However, despite numerous agreements, past and present, intended to protect and safeguard refugee rights, a reconciliation of member states’ polarising stances remains elusive. Therefore, ensuring that refugees are accorded dignified treatment while addressing multiple concerns of the European population is key to demonstrating the collective political will of member states and the EU’s ability to uphold the very principles it is founded on.


Amidst growing American isolationism and Russian/Chinese security threats, the need for a strong collective EU defence has never been greater, as most notably manifest in  the Franco-German alliance calling for a Common European Army. However, EU member states are also intensely divided over the nature and extent of defence cooperation, with issues of the preservation of national sovereignty and intricacies of political alliances severely diminishing the possibility of a constructive consensus. Therefore, member states will not only have to project their stances but also seek avenues of compromise in order to ensure military, economic, and cyber defence in an increasingly volatile global security landscape.


Head Chair: Xuan Zi Han 

EU_Zi Han

Zi Han is a Year 6 student in Raffles Institution’s Humanities Programme. Having accidentally begun his MUN journey three years ago at RMUN, he finds the personal connection cultivated with other delegates through and beyond council to be the sole primary reason keeping him in the circuit. When he is not busy juggling a KI-LMEH subject combination with student council responsibilities (which is almost never), he can be found dreaming about moving to Scandinavia, listening to nbhd, and writing poetry abstruse enough to be mistaken for sophistication. This being his second time chairing the EU, he hopes to make council an even more fun and fruitful experience for all. Zi Han can be contacted at

Deputy Chair: Lu Yuxuan

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Yuxuan is a Year 5 student in Raffles Institution Humanities Programme. Outside of MUNning, he can be found overwhelmed with work, harmonising with his old choir buddies, reading an overdue comic book, writing rebuttals into his debate reply speech, or hanging out with his gud fren Corey. Having twice before attended RMUN, he is glad to once again return to the conference which has given him many valuable experiences. He hopes he can provide similarly unforgettable memories for the delegates of EU, and looks forward to the many interesting and creative ideas which they bring to the council. You may contact Yuxuan at