Special Political and Decolonization Committee

SPECPOL Study Guide RMUN 2018

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There’s more to the World Wide Web than cute cat and dog videos, Donald Trump tweets and the Kardashians’ splendour! The internet –  as we all know – is celebrated as one of mankind’s greatest innovations. It is a platform for communication, collaboration, and creativity. In recent times, however, contentions on the regulation of the internet speed, cyber surveillance and balkanisation have resulted in heated debate regarding the role of the internet among the general public, governments and private organisations.
Albeit ongoing current efforts, the internet is continuously being splintered among the various stakeholders and disagreements persist. Delegates are to convene and come up with measures to establish a fairer, prosperous and ultimately freer Internet –  and bridge the Digital Divide.

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In the span of a decade after 2020, humans will travel to space, NASA will launch a mission to Mars and the first asteroid mining mission will take place. Planetary Resources is conducting the world’s first commercial exploration of resources on Near Earth Asteroids.  SpaceX and Blue Origin are head to head in getting the first human spaceflight in orbit. Humanity’s ascension into space will be led not by governmental space agencies but private organisations.  

However, current treaties on outer space, including the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty and the 1984 Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies fail to demarcate areas in which governments and corporations can extract resources, who owns such resources and how they can be utilised. Delegates are expected to refer to leverage on existing treaties when debating the equitable distribution of space resources, and methods to regulate private hegemony over space travel and space mining.

Head Chair: Nicole

Co-chairs: Deepika, Sudarshan

SPECPOL_NicoleNicole, who will be chairing SPECPOL at RMUN 2018, embarked on her MUN journey just last year. Being relatively new to MUN, she understands the trepidation and anxiety that first-time delegates may experience and is always ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. On the rare occasion she has time to unwind, she likes to play the piano, watch Japanese shows and volunteer with the elderly. She would strongly recommend all delegates to read up on their country’s stance and familiarize themselves with key terms of each issue before conference. She can be contacted via niclimjiayin@gmail.com.

SPECPOL_DeepikaDeepika is a second year student at RI. Her interests in global affairs and history has paved the path to her joining the History and Strategic Affairs Society. Having joined HSTA just last year, Deepika is rather new to the MUN family and is open to new ideas and thoughts. Her first major MUN experience was SMUN 2018 and her interest for mun-ing has since been rooted. Besides Mun-ning, in her free time, Deepika thoroughly enjoys cycling, watching extreme sports and listening to music. As your chair, she hopes to make delegates’ RMUN 2018 experience meaningful and special! She’d like delegates, especially the first-time munners, to keep a curious mind, participate and most importantly, enjoy their time in RMUN for what it’s worth. She can be contacted via acsdeepika@gmail.com

SPECPOL_SudarshanSudarshan is a first year student at RI. He joined HSTA as he had experienced RMUN in 2016, and wanted to continue his MUN journey. Being the only MUN he has attended to date, he is quite excited to be co-chairing the very council he was part of. He is also willing to learn from delegates in SPECPOL to improve his own skills. During spare time on the weekends, he enjoys playing basketball or football, and going out with friends. He fully understands that attending a MUN, whether for the first or fifth time, can be challenging and a daunting task. Thus, he urges all delegates to enjoy the experience and grow as a MUNner along the way. He can be contacted via sudar.thirumalai@gmail.com.