United Nations Security Council

This is a double-del council.



Regional armed conflicts around the world has never ceased, implicating millions of civilians- most belligerents of conflicts did commit acts of human rights violations and cause extensive civilian casualties. Answerable to its role in ensuring security and human rights of civilians in conflict zones, debate continues perennially in the UNSC, especially with the presence of a UN Peacekeeping Office dedicated to this role. However, its programme is innately controversial while lacking resources, assailing its inadequacy in protecting civilians. Additionally, international commitment to humanitarian laws remains low and the 2005 Responsibility to Protect (R2P) commitment has shown its flaws in implementation in the various conflicts. RMUN 2019 promises a holistic discussion of the topic which troubles the UNSC since its establishment- one that goes beyond peacekeeping to question the fundamentals of R2P and the right for humanitarian intervention by various stakeholders.


When President Nkurunziza was first elected by the Burundian Parliament as the President of Burundi in an election that is deemed largely free of fraud, the world thought that the gruesome ethnic war in Burundi was finally over. Well, they had it right for 10 years, until Nkurunziza decided to trigger a crisis by deciding to be nominated yet again. Opposition groups were swift to take to the streets, with the military attempting a coup not long after. The government, surviving the coup, has moved in heavy-handed retaliatory strokes, with the help of the state’s security apparatus to intimidate, and in certain cases, even kill anyone that they deem to be dissident. Mass exodus ensued, as populations stricken by poverty, and fearing a resurrection of a ‘Burundi Civil War 2.0’ from this politicking and violence, flee into neighbouring countries, adding more strain on to the national institutions in East Africa that has remained in a stubbornly precarious state despite the best efforts of regional leaders and the international community.


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