Economic and Social Council

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Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, accounting for a sizeable one-tenth of global Gross Domestic Product and employment. With a large economic footprint, it is no surprise that countries worldwide are actively seeking expansion of their tourism industries at rapid rates for pursue mass tourism. Yet, this often results in over-tourism and comes at the expense of countries’ social responsibilities – that is, ensuring that mass tourism is environmentally-friendly and economically-inclusive, as well as socially and culturally-respectful to local communities. Given the strong profit-motive, whether mass tourism can be sustainable. 


According to UN-endorsed projections, global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030, due to a combination of climate change, human action and population growth. The current freshwater sources face serious pollution due to agriculture, industrial processes, untreated waste and degraded lands. Such pollution severely threatens biodiversity and causes water to be unsafe for human consumption, which experts speculate will cause severe water shortages for more than half the world’s population by 2050.  It is thus more crucial than ever that countries collaborate on international efforts to protect freshwater sources and seek alternative sources for future generations


Head Chair: Amy Lin 


Amy is a Year 6 student in the Humanities Programme taking History, Economics, English Literature and Maths. Her first foray into MUN was 4 years ago and needless to say, she has since come far from her days as a confused delegate. Apart from MUN, Amy also enjoys photography, eating, lettering and sleeping for a good 15 hours whenever (though hardly) possible. When she is not preparing for RMUN, she is probably fulfilling her Students’ Council responsibilities or attempting to study for As. Amy hopes that delegates are able to challenge themselves intellectually, as well as form lasting friendships, through this conference and looks forward to an unforgettable conference! :~)

Deputy Chair: Quek Ygee Leng 

ECOSOC_Ygee Leng

Ygee (pronounced as ‘yee’ as ‘g’ is silent) Leng is a Year 6 student who is taking the less-than-ordinary hybrid combination consisting of Chemistry, History, Economics and Math. She is honoured to be chairing ECOSOC, while serving the role as Under Secretary-General (External Relations & Publicity). She enjoys baking in her occasional free time and is constantly on a look out for new recipes which she can find. In her attempts to try not to overindulge in sugar (lest she will get a sugar rush), she often shares her baked goods with her friends and cca mates, who may or may not serve as her guinea pigs. ECOSOC holds a special place in her heart as it was the council that she participated in her first MUN in SMUN 2018. Being daunted in a council of around 60-70 people in her first MUN, she relates well to the fears of delegates and hopes to be an friendly and ygee.fficient chair. So, do approach her if you face any issues in council! She looks forward to a fruitful council session and hopes that delegates would enjoy their time in RMUN.

Deputy Chair: Qin Haiyi


Haiyi is a Year 5 humanities student taking Geography, Literature, Economics and Math (known as GLEM although she proudly calls it ‘glam’). She is honoured to be given her first chairing opportunity in ECOSOC. Outside of attending MUNs, she enjoys watching comedy talk shows, playing the guitar, singing and (only occasionally) considering everything to be social constructs. She hopes that delegates will find their RMUN experience both meaningful and fun and hopes that she can contribute to the experience by being an approachable chair. She really looks forward to seeing everyone in council.