ASEAN Regional Forum

This is a double-del council.



ASEAN’s territorial waters comprise an area three times its landmass. Given the importance of the sea to the region, the Asia-Pacific region requires tight-knit cooperation on all fronts of the maritime issue. Yet, such efforts are stunted by competing claims to offshore territory and maritime space, competition over maritime resources, and escalating political tensions. Delegates of the ASEAN Regional Forum are encouraged to pursue comprehensive solutions combating maritime crime and ensuring the sustainable development of aquaculture. Delegates should also leverage on diplomatic channels in approaching complex territorial disputes in the region. While barriers to closer cooperation may seem insoluble, it is imperative that member states navigate the turbulent waters to seek a way forward for sustainable peace and prosperity.


In light of the rising threats plaguing the region – WannaCry Ransomware attacks in Singapore, the compromising of data of 46 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia… – and the fact that countries in the region are simultaneously being used as launchpads for cyberattacks, ASEAN has announced its plans to work towards an international framework on cyber security. Yet, these efforts are most significantly hampered by the difficulty member states face in deciding how to prosecute violations of cyber security (bearing in mind that attacks may be state-sponsored) and in trying to overcome the differences in technological advancements among member states, all while protecting their respective cyber sovereignty. Delegates are hence reminded to not only keep their national interests in mind when resolving the issue, but to consider the regional implications as well.


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