ASEAN Regional Forum

RMUN 2019_ARF_Study Guide

This is a double-del council.



ASEAN’s territorial waters comprise an area three times its landmass. Given the importance of the sea to the region, the Asia-Pacific region requires tight-knit cooperation on all fronts of the maritime issue. Yet, such efforts are stunted by competing claims to offshore territory and maritime space, competition over maritime resources, and escalating political tensions. Delegates of the ASEAN Regional Forum are encouraged to pursue comprehensive solutions combating maritime crime and ensuring the sustainable development of aquaculture. Delegates should also leverage on diplomatic channels in approaching complex territorial disputes in the region. While barriers to closer cooperation may seem insoluble, it is imperative that member states navigate the turbulent waters to seek a way forward for sustainable peace and prosperity.


Head Chair: Sophie Low


As the former Secretary-General of RMUN, Sophie is pleased to be back yet again. Less pleased she is about having to deal with adult problems, read: deciding which university to attend. But as a master procrastinator (at time of writing, she still has two weeks before uni decisions are due), her post A level life has been extremely fun! Her default activity is watching netflix, so hit her up if you’re a fan of Modern Family, NCIS, or CSI. And in attempt to cope with the fats that come with lazing around, she has taken up Yoga (managing to attend 32 classes in 1 month), and has revived her dance life (modern dance/street jazz, not like… clubbing). She has also gotten her driving license, so if you feel like taking a risk, ask her to drive you around! More seriously though, Sophie hopes that RMUN will be a platform that will empower delegates to change the world for the better, and forge friendships that will prove to be an invaluable support network.

Deputy Chair: Calista Chong 


Having served as Deputy Secretary-General and Chair of the UN Environment Programme last year, she is excited to be back for her fourth RMUN – this time as Chair of the ASEAN Regional Forum with her two lovely friends. Now that her free time is thankfully aplenty after the ‘A’ Levels, she is at liberty to appoint herself as her family’s unofficial tour guide and take guilt-free, uninterrupted naps – though these do sound a lot less adventurous than Ashley’s bucket list! She is also attempting to learn a new language and perfect her skills at the wheel – for now though, she is content with being Sophie’s passenger. More significantly, she hopes that delegates will leave this conference with new-found friendships and a keener understanding of the myriad of issues that confront the world. She looks forward to lively and quality debate in council and welcomes delegates to approach her if they have any questions!

Deputy Chair: Ashley Tan


Having graduated last year, Ashley is happy to be back to serve as a proud member of the ARF RMUN triumvirate this year. The Post-As life has been treating her well—she has since been able to try her (awful) hand at skiing the icy slopes of Calgary, savour the famous fried chicken offered at Taiwan’s night markets, and zipline through forests of trees at Sentosa. One of the activities at the top of her bucket list is bungee jumping, preferably at Victoria Falls Bridge that is situated between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe (if she is ever able to muster the courage!     Z). If you have any tips on how to fulfil this dream, please reach out to let her know. In the meantime, however, she hopes that your dreams of having an enriching RMUN conference experience will be fulfilled. Please do try your best not to drive the ARF Chair team up the wall, or she will take Sophie up on her offer to drive the three of them away from the chaos of council!