Press Corps

RMUN 2019_Press Corps_Study Guide

The Press Corps council occupies a special position in MUN. Press delegates are privy to intense and exciting debates in other committees, and they are expected to use their position to offer insightful commentary on the issues discussed. As journalists, they hold a key role in conveying information to the masses – how they frame their points and how they analyse events will affect how readers understand the truth.

Press delegates do more than write well. Over the course of the conference, they will become more aware of biases in news reporting, and will be challenged to synthesize, present and evaluate unfolding events.


Head Chair: Shervon Lee 


Shervon is a Year 6 student taking a rather weird subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Math and Literature. Since jumping into the MUN circuit with a friend in March 2017, she has participated in a grand total of 3 MUN conferences (with zero awards to show for it). Outside of MUN, she is also a semi-productive writer and editor at Raffles Press, her school’s journalism club. When she’s not struggling with school, she likes to delve into the weirder parts of youtube (actually, is mukbang weird?), listen to pop music, and eat any junk food that she can find at home. She understands that delegates may not be familiar with the nature of Press Corps, and is willing to provide any guidance if necessary. She hopes that delegates will come in with an open mind, and learn as much as they have fun!

Deputy Chair: Phang Yeu Yeou

Press Corps_Yeu Yeou

Yeu Yeou is a Y6 student in the Raffles Humanities Programme taking the subject combination KILHiM. One of many firsts this year, this will be her first time both attending and chairing MUN after hearing too much of its exploits and diplomatic scuffles, and she looks forward to broadening her horizons and discovering the appeal of MUN this upcoming June. Aside from stressing over editorial duties and delegations as VC of Raffles Press, Yeu Yeou also occupies her time with listening to industrial/cinematic rap music, striving to find the aesthetic in everything, and occasionally holing up in the gym. If you see her around MUN, feel free to strike up a conversation about anything under the sun, and she promises to give you the time of day. With that said, she hopes that delegates will have a meaningful and enjoyable experience in MUN, and that their papers will prove to possess both those qualities as well (mind your em dashes).

Deputy Chair: Zhang Jing Wen

Press Corps_Jing Wen

Jing Wen or Jingles (as her classmates call her) is a year 5 student taking the rather non-basic subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Math and History. While she spends most of her time procrastinating and rushing schoolwork, on rare occasions of free time, she can be found in her room gaming and writing music pieces. Leaving the questionable debate of whether she may or may not have gaming addiction aside, she is extremely honored to be able to chair the Press Corp Council in RMUN 2019! Being relatively new to MUN (only starting last year), she understands the fears delegates may have and wish to reassure them that nothing could be worse than her first accidental MUN (in which she had totally no idea ROP even existed!) On a more serious note, Jing Wen hopes that the delegates will thoroughly enjoy their time in the council through diving into the thrilling world of journalism and also forge new friendships which will motivate delegates to pull through the hectic days of news publishing!