Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can take part in this conference?

Raffles Model United Nations is primarily aimed at delegates between the ages of 14 and 17 (preferably studying in Secondary 2 to JC 1, or equivalent).

Can I sign up as an independent delegate?

Unfortunately, we do not allow for independent registrations this year. We will only be accepting registrations from school delegations. If you would like to be a part of Raffles Model United Nations 2019 and have not received an invitation through your school, do drop us an email at!

What are the registration details? 

Registration Type

Registration Period


Early Bird

21st January – 15th March 2019 $65
Regular 16th March – 19 April 2019


How much does MUN experience matter?

You absolutely do not need to have taken part in a MUN before to join us at RMUN! We will be publishing a complete and detailed guide to Rules of Procedure (ROP) very soon. Delegates can refer to this before and during the Conference to familiarise themselves with MUN procedures. They can also approach their council chairs should they have any further questions.

We will also be conducting a complimentary training session, Fun With MUN, which aims to acquaint beginner-level delegates with the basics of MUN, including Rules of Procedure, speeches, motions and how to engage and be involved in debate during council sessions. We highly encourage all beginner-level delegates (0-2 MUN experiences) to take part in this training session.

Can we choose our preferred councils and countries?

You will be able to choose your top three most preferred councils from amongst our 9 councils. While we will do our best to take your choices into consideration, we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated your top choices. Countries will be allocated and delegates are not allowed to choose their preferred countries, or to make country allocation swaps with other delegates.

What is the difference between a double delegation and a single delegation council? 

In a double delegation council, two delegates will represent a single country in a committee as opposed to a single delegate representing a single country. Double delegations allow the two delegates to engage in various aspects in council at the same time. In RMUN 2019, we offer two double-delegation councils which are the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Delegates wishing to be in a double delegation council can indicate the above 2 mentioned councils as one of their top three council choices and their preferred double delegate.

What is the appropriate attire for the conference?

Formal business attire. An example of male business attire includes a blazer, formal shirt and long pants with dress shoes. An example of female business attire includes a blazer, blouse with pants or pencil skirt, or a formal business dress, with court shoes. Alternatively, you may come in your school’s formal uniform. Delegates will also be issued lanyards on the first day, which must be worn throughout the duration of the conference.

Will meals be provided?

Rest assured that all meals, comprising 3 lunches and 1 dinner, will be included in delegate fees! All meals catered will be Halal-certified, with non-beef and vegetarian options. Any other special dietary requirements and allergies should be detailed in the registration form sent to your schools.

What is the Historical Crisis Council?

The Historical Crisis Council (HCC) is a key exciting feature of RMUN. A cabinet will have debates centered around the actions of delegates and responses to real-time event updates. The HCC is highly recommended for delegates who enjoy employing strategies and the pressure of navigating through a chaotic situation. Delegates wishing to be a part of the Historical Crisis Council can indicate ‘HCC’ as one of their top three council choices on the registration form.

What is Press Corps? 

The Press Corps is a new feature of RMUN. Delegates have the responsibility of critiquing council proceedings through the stance of a particular news agency, which has its own biases and viewpoints. Delegates should provide insight into the nuances of the issues through their synthesis of understanding of issues in various councils. The Press Corps is highly recommended for delegates who are inquisitive and has a love for writing. Delegates wishing to be a part of the Press Corps can indicate ‘Press Corps’ as one of their top three council choices on the registration form.

Is there a minimum attendance criteria we have to meet for awards?

Yes, you will need to attend at least 50% of the total number of council sessions to qualify for awards.