Our Team

Academics Team

SECR_Acads Formal Shot

(From left to right): Priyansh Mitesh Shah, Cheng Wan Jun, Caryn Chiah

The Academics team does a range of very academic things. For example, we complain about school life, workloads, life in general, and, once in a while, we sit down to manage the bread and butter of RMUN 2019. That’s chair rosters, topics, study guides, rules of procedure, and eventually any of your academic concerns as we near RMUN. Don’t hesitate to shoot any of us an email to clarify any doubts you have. We’re here to make sure that things remain academic as can be and that means no nonsense. Oh, and if you hear screams that could only really be analogous to summoning the devil, that’d be us.

Political Actors Team

Polacts Team_Formal Shot

(From left to right): 1st Row: Shivraaj Singh Khaira, Ling Jiating 

2nd Row: Cai Shimin, Shiv Dhar, Celest Teng

Whenever a council starts running in circles, wherever we hear a cry for entertainment and guidance, we’ll be there. Faster than a chair’s gavel slamming down on the table, more powerful acting than any of the movies nominated for the Oscars last year, yes, it’s…The Polact Division!

Headed by Shivraaj Singh Khaira, the 2019 RMUN Polact Division, consisting of Shiv Dhar, Celest Teng and Cai Shimin will be bringing the various councils sharp rhetoric, insightful and neglected points of view and, of course, rib-splitting wit.

Administrative Team


(From left to right): Quek Ygee Leng, Ruan Xinpei, Ling Jiating 

Being the core team responsible for the backbone of the conference, the Admin Team is here to ensure the smooth running of the conference. We manage everything from logistics and external relations to publicity – including choosing the menu for food for the conference, replying to your enquiries, organising the notepassers and curating the publicity posts that you are seeing on this instagram page (do take some time to give these posts a like)! Feel free to approach us for any matters that can better your welfare and comfort in the conference, and we look forward to seeing you!

Logistics Team

Logistics Team_Formal Shot

(From left to right): 1st Row: Li-ann Tan, Ling Jiating, Yuan Ruoqing

2nd Row: Cai Wei, Celine Tam, Cai Shimin

3rd Row: Liu Xiaolu, Tony He 

4th Row: Eisen Lee, Justin Tan, Li Zhengyu, Ang Wen Hao

Misplaced your council lanyard? Lost your way to your council venue? Have a suggestion for the (future) food selection? Fret not, for the Logistics Team has you covered! Working in close tandem with the other committees, the logistics team takes charge of- well, logistics. From organising your welcome pack and opening and closing ceremonies, to procuring your daily necessities such as lanyards, placards, and food, the logistics team is working tirelessly to ensure that a flawless experience awaits you in RMUN.

External Relations & Publicity Team

ER_PUBS Team_Formal Shot

(From left to right): 1st Row: Nadia Amir, Quek Ygee Leng, Celest Teng

2nd Row: Michelle Chia, Li Kexuan, Emily Tan 

3rd Row: Shivraaj Singh Khaira, Shiv Dhar 

Not in picture: T Divvien

Ever wondered who were the ones behind your instagram posts? That’s right, the members of the External Relations and Publicity team are the ones behind your regular instagram posts and also the updates on the RMUN Website. Not only do we handle the social media section of RMUN, we are also the core team that processes your registration forms and would most likely be the first few conference staff that you would be greeting on RMUN itself! The External Relations and Publicity Team wants you to look forward to the much-anticipated closing dinner and feel free to say hi to anyone of us when you see us around in RMUN.