Our Team

Academics Team

SECR_Acads Formal Shot

The Academics team does a range of very academic things. For example, we complain about school life, workloads, life in general, and, once in a while, we sit down to manage the bread and butter of RMUN 2019. That’s chair rosters, topics, study guides, rules of procedure, and eventually any of your academic concerns as we near RMUN. Don’t hesitate to shoot any of us an email to clarify any doubts you have. We’re here to make sure that things remain academic as can be and that means no nonsense. Oh, and if you hear screams that could only really be analogous to summoning the devil, that’d be us.

Political Actors Team

To be announced!

Administrative Team


Being the core team responsible for the backbone of the conference, the Admin Team is here to ensure the smooth running of the conference. We manage everything from logistics and external relations to publicity – including choosing the menu for food for the conference, replying to your enquiries, organising the notepassers and curating the publicity posts that you are seeing on this instagram page (do take some time to give these posts a like)! Feel free to approach us for any matters that can better your welfare and comfort in the conference, and we look forward to seeing you!

Logistics Team

To be announced! 

External Relations & Publicity Team

To be announced!