Press Corps

RMUN’s inaugural Press Corps promises to be an exciting experience for delegates. Press Corps delegates have the responsibility of critiquing council proceedings through the lens of a particular news agency. As delegates move from one council to the next, they should not only listen, but also be endlessly inquisitive, trying their best to seek out information in order to produce an article that provides insight into the nuances of the issues at hand.

Every news agency has its own biases and viewpoints — what delegates record and choose to report, or choose not to report, can have an immense impact on the way people view the reality around them. It is this synthesis of understanding events in council with the incorporation of a news agency’s stance that truly intriguing articles can be produced.

Press Corps aims to provide a wider view of geopolitical interactions, not just for Press Corps delegates, but for delegates from other councils as well. If you want an experience like no other, RMUN Press Corps awaits you.