(From left to right): Ling Jiating, Quek Ygee Leng, Ruan Xinpei, Lau Ka Keong, Andrew, Cheng Wan Jun, Caryn Chiah Ka-May, Priyansh Mitesh Shah


Lau Ka Keong, Andrew


Andrew is a Y6 student in the Humanities Programme. His first foray into the MUN circuit came in 2016, and he has participated in numerous conferences since then, most notably obtaining a Best Delegate award at SMUN 2018 and chairing at NTUMUN 2019. If his time in the circuit has taught him anything, it’s that the 3 days one spends at a conference provide a learning experience like no other – and it is this passion to help newer delegates develop and grow that constantly brings him back to MUN, futile vows of ‘retirement’ notwithstanding. This would be his fourth time participating in RMUN (that’s probably too many years in the circuit if he’s being honest), and having been both a delegate and a chair, he is exceedingly humbled and honoured to be able to serve as this year’s Secretary-General. He is determined to do all he can to make RMUN a welcoming environment for all those who are new to MUN, and at the same time provide a platform for rigorous, academic debate on the world’s pressing issues.

In time not spent on HSTA and RMUN, Andrew is also a member of the Raffles Debaters, and his interests include Ultimate Frisbee and listening to hip-hop music. He hopes that RMUN will be a lively, challenging and ultimately fulfilling conference for all. 

Deputy Secretary-General (Academics)

Cheng Wan Jun


Wan Jun is a Year 6 student studying in Raffles Institution and the only member of the EXCO who is also a biology student taking the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Math and History. Although he is a science student, he has a passion for history especially in the areas of military history and Chinese history. Also a member of his school’s Ecological Literacy Programme, he find his extracurricular interests rather different from each other but this will nonetheless not stop him frowning upon plastic straws and disposable utensils. Like Xinpei, he often cannot relate to modern pop culture but unlike her, he prefers tea over coffee when it comes to sustaining him through the night.

He entered the realm of MUN with RMUN 2016 and has since took part in multiple conferences over varying roles as notepasser, delegate, dais and secretariat member. He wholeheartedly agrees with Andrew’s opinions on the academic value of MUNs and the ability for conferences to develop important skills in speaking, writing and diplomacy. On top of this, he also believes that MUN Conferences are great avenues for socialization and breeding ground for friendships despite other not-so-wholesome activities. However, he believes that whatever one gains from a conference is also heavily dependent on his/her investment into it; both in the conference itself and during its preparation. Therefore he believes that with the best effort invested into the conference from participants and staff alike, RMUN 2019 can be a truly groundbreaking conference that will leave a legacy in the MUN scene.

Deputy Secretary-General (Administration)

Ruan Xinpei


Xinpei is a Year 6 student studying at Raffles Institution. She is atypical in every way- she takes Chinese Language and Literature and enjoys the subject while everyone celebrates the riddance of the Mother Tongue curriculum in Year 6; as a MUNer she prefers Geography over History; as a teenager she is an early bird who cannot sleep late (and dislikes coffee), and a pop culture illiterate who wears a puzzled look on her face whenever her peers rave to trendy pop songs. While Xinpei tries to be more open-minded, she is often told to “lighten up”, because her hobbies are more energy-draining in nature: to relieve herself from the impending loom of her A levels, Xinpei typically draws, plays the piano, or reads up on Geography-related knowledge.

After attending RMUN as a delegate in 2017 and as a chair (in HRC) in 2018, Xinpei is back again, humbled and amazed by the people who have shaped her MUN journey, many of whom enlighten her to be a better person. As Xinpei continues to prepare for RMUN along with her team, she wishes that everyone attending RMUN- delegates, notepassers, organisers alike- gleans something valuable from it, like she did for her past RMUN journeys.

Under Secretary-General (Academics)

Caryn Chiah Ka-May


Caryn is a permanently exhausted Y6 humanities programme student. She takes the typical arts combination of history, economics, literature and mathematics. Apart from being a member of her school’s History and Strategic Affairs Society, she is also an (infrequently) active member of the student newspaper – Raffles Press. Not once has she regretted joining two clubs over her previous sports CCA. Never. She enjoys growing succulents, reading, napping, watching Doctor Who (Steven Moffat > Chris Chibnall) or Brooklyn Nine Nine, and other non-MUN related activities. As one of the academic directors, she helps to maintain a high and consistent academic quality in the conference. She hopes that all delegates will emerge from this conference having challenged themselves in some way, and will take away a passion for current affairs, an appreciation for the complexities of debate and even made some new friends. She looks forward to seeing everyone engaged in lively and rigorous debate at RMUN’19.

Under Secretary-General (Crisis)

Priyansh Mitesh Shah


Let your mind wander back to 2016. The funniest punchline in the known universe is any reference to a Gorilla that was tragically shot at Cincinnati Zoo early that year, after a child fell into his enclosure. Everyone still thought the Republicans and David Cameron were joking. Amidst this environment of total confusion, there stood a confused boy named Priyansh, trying to figure out what he was going to do with his free time. It was in that year that he first started MUNning. RMUN 2019 will be his 4th RMUN, his second in the Crisis ecosystem, and his 15th legitimately attended MUN. If you’re about to ask why he’s spent so much of his life on this, it’s because he’s an odd fellow who genuinely loves the swings and roundabouts of debating world issues in a MUN format. Helps that MUN has introduced him to some of his closest friends; gratitude is quite the motivator

If you wish to find Priyansh, all that you need to do is shout one specific word and he will respond by shouting it louder, as is tradition. Else, should you require a more subtle method, he can always be found in the backroom, invariably perplexed, perhaps more so than in 2016, by the ability of delegates to take his Crisis off script. Till then, he will be waiting.

Under Secretary-General (Logistics)

Ling Jiating


Jiating is a Year 6 student taking the fairly conventional subject combination of PCME. Despite not taking any ‘true’ humanities subjects (unlike most of her batchmates), she has a genuine interest for them, the debate of them, and all that jazz, leading her to join HSTA. In her spare time when she is not bemoaning taking up Physics as a subject, she can be found marathoning pretty much every notable Kdrama in existence, reading books from Google’s list of top fictional literature, or trying to escape from the reality of A levels through sleeping. She is honoured to serve as the Under Secretary-General (Logistics) in RMUN’19, and wishes delegates the best of luck for the conference. She hopes that delegates will enjoy the conference for both its academic and administrative qualities, and have a rewarding experience, growing not only as MUNners but also as individuals.

Under Secretary-General (External Relations & Publicity)

Quek Ygee Leng

SECR_Ygee Leng

Ygee (pronounced as ‘yee’ as ‘g’ is silent) Leng is a Year 6 student who is taking the less-than-ordinary hybrid combination consisting of Chemistry, History, Economics and Math. More affectionately known as the RMUN plugger, she is honoured to be serving the role of Under Secretary-General (External Relations & Publicity), while chairing ECOSOC in 28th edition of RMUN. She can be spotted constantly on her laptop replying to your emails, creating instagram posts, updating the website or writing her study guide as she aims to be as ygee.fficient as possible in completing her tasks for RMUN (though to varying degree of success). When she’s not occupied with the RMUN work mentioned above, she enjoys baking and is constantly on a look out for new recipes which she can find. In her attempts to try not to overindulge in sugar (lest she will get a sugar rush), she often shares her baked goods with her friends and cca mates, who may or may not serve as her guinea pigs. She hopes that delegates would have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience in RMUN 2019, gaining new insights into current affairs and forging new friendships along the way.