Sophie Low Hui Tong


Sophie is a Y6 student taking the unusual hybrid subject combination of Chemistry, History, Economics, and Mathematics. Apart from belonging to the History and Strategic Affairs Society (HSTA), she also spends her extra-curricular time debating with Raffles Debaters, playing the violin, and dancing. While she remains unable to reconcile her love for her humanities and science subjects, her interests in law and global affairs are unwavering. This is perhaps what prompted her to join, and stay, in the MUN circuit since 2016. Along the way, she has picked up several awards – most notably, a Best Delegate award at SMUN 2017 – and has accumulated several chairing experiences. This is her third time back at RMUN – from participating as a delegate in 2016, to chairing in 2017, she is beyond humbled to be serving as the Secretary-General this year. She hopes that RMUN 2018 will prove to be a fulfilling conference, allowing those involved to take away with them a greater capacity to feel for others, the confidence to voice their opinions, and the friendships forged over the course of RMUN.

Deputy Secretary-General (Academics)

Calista Chong Jia Ning


Calista is a Y6 student in the Humanities Programme. Besides being a member of the History and Strategic Affairs Society, she also writes for the school’s journalism society, Raffles Press. She is fascinated by international relations, and it is this intrigue which has compelled her to join – and stay in the MUN circuit, since 2016. In the two years of her MUN journey, Calista has participated in several conferences on both sides of the Dais – most recently clinching a Best Delegate award at SMUN 2017, and concluding a chairing stint at NTUMUN 2018. This year, Calista has also served as the Deputy Secretary-General (Academics) in the Singapore International Relations Conference. In her free time, which is sadly scarce, Calista indulges in jazz and pop or coos at her curation of adorable baby and animal videos on Instagram. She is honoured to serve RMUN as Deputy Secretary-General (Academics) and hopes that delegates forge lasting friendships over the course of the conference but more importantly, mature as MUNners and nurture a keen interest in global affairs.

Deputy Secretary-General (Administration)

Ng Hai Ning


Having chaired the Arab League at RMUN 2017, Hai Ning is serving as Deputy Secretary-General (Administration) for the conference this year. She oversees all things Logistics, External Relations, and Publicity-related, and probably replies your emails on in-between (and definitely not during) lectures. She’s hopeful that any event-planning skills acquired here will help her find a job in future, if her humanities subject choices do not. Outside of MUN, she enjoys bread, coffee, and keeping a (very small) collection of old postcards and propaganda posters. She also owns a sewing machine, although the amount of dust it is collecting has risen proportional to the amount of unfinished work on her desk. In all seriousness, Hai Ning looks forward to meeting the delegates in May, and wants to encourage first-timers in particular to speak up despite how intimidating it may seem at first. She hopes that RMUN can be a place where everyone feels their voice is valued, and that can develop their interest in the enriching and fulfilling aspects of MUN.

Under Secretary-General (Political Acting)

Yeo Kee Hwan


Kee Hwan is a science student, much to her horror now that she is confronted with the prospect of 31 hours of exams before graduating from this education system. When she is not confined to a far flung lab on the other end of the island, she spends some time attempting to form coherent sentences for the student press, though to varying degrees of success. Ironically, she has never been a delegate at RMUN before, so you will have to place your blind trust in her to be one of your Academics Directors. Fortunately, she has some experience in the MUN circuit, most recently having won the Best Delegate award at SMUN 2017, and also having chaired at NTUMUN 2018 while averaging 12 panadols a day.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, plenary has been placed in her charge, but she hopes that delegates will indulge in some suspension of disbelief and enjoy themselves, regardless of their level of experience. And when inexplicably stressed during the conference, do yourself a favour and buy a snack. Everything will seem better.

Under Secretary-General (Crisis)

Stephanie Lim Li Yi


Stephanie is one of the academics directors for this year’s RMUN and will also be heading crisis. Her first experience with RMUN was as a notepasser in 2015’s ECOSOC and she has been back for every edition since – though somehow never as a delegate. She  hopes that RMUN will be a bamboozling experience for all of you and looks forward to a crisis rivaling her impending A levels.

Should you need to summon her, draw a large benzene ring of salt and place food in the middle. If the dark arts of alchemy are not your thing,  she can also be reached via snail mail or carrier pigeon.

Under Secretary-General (Logistics)

L. Krishaa


Krishaa is a Y6 student in the Science stream, and has spent 18 years of her life jumping from one hobby to another, trying new things but never seeming to find the right one for her. However, she finally found the right activity for her after discovering Model UN, an activity that allowed her to gain a much-needed balance between the science and the arts. As a person who enjoys political discussions, MUN was everything she dreamed of: an opportunity to learn more about current affairs, and to meet like-minded people who would provide the intellectual stimulation that she wanted. Participating in her first Model UN(SMUN 2017) as a delegate, and then chairing at the Singapore International Relations Conference this year, Krishaa is excited to serve as Under Secretary-General (Logistics) for RMUN this year.

Through her role, Krishaa hopes to create a meaningful experience for new and experienced delegates. She hopes that you have fun bonding with fellow delegates, but also learn to look at global issues from a broader perspective and appreciate the finer things that MUN has to offer.

Under Secretary-General (External Relations)

Sun Jinghua


Jinghua is a Y6 science student with History as her only humanities subject. She will be serving the role of Under Secretary-General (External Relations), and will chair the European Union. Before this, she has assumed a variety of roles in different conferences, such as notepasser, member of press corps, delegate, political actor and deputy chair. Throughout her MUN journey, she has proudly collected a wide range of awards from all categories except one. Jinghua aims to make herself approachable and supportive, and would like to encourage delegates, first-timers especially, to voice any concerns they have to her. When Jinghua is not overwhelmed by tutorials and exams, she tends to volunteer her face for self-conducted cosmetics testing, a costly and so far meaningless hobby. Nowadays, she has also successfully transformed herself from one who goes for regular urban dance classes and occasional gym workout to someone who would rather sit in front of a writing desk all day for her study guides or term essays (or at least tries to do so).

Jinghua wishes all of you an enriching and fulfilling journey during the 27th edition of RMUN, and will spare no effort in making it one of the most wondrous experience for everyone involved.

Under Secretary-General (Publicity)

Jamie Chong Ji Jia


Jamie, whose name is officially recorded as Ji Jia, is a Year 6 Science stream student taking the PCME combination. Jamie is honoured to serve the role of Under Secretary-General of Publicity at RMUN 2018. This involves managing the Instagram account, as well as the Facebook page, (whose posts she sincerely hopes that you have liked). Her team will also be in charge of the Dinner & Dance segment, which she promises to be on par with the expectations that you have. In her free time, that hardly comes by, Jamie likes to flip through fashion catalogues and catch up on Netflix. Her favourite fashion designer is Élie Saab and she especially adores his Haute Couture collection. Jamie’s recent addiction to caffeine started her cafe hopping adventure, that sadly is not sustainable on her pocket money. If you happen to see her in one of the hipster cafes around the island, do stop by and say hi.

Jamie hopes that each and everyone of you will enjoy all the fun events (in and out of council) lined up during RMUN 2018, and she can’t wait to see you soon!