Secretary-General Address


Dear delegates,

It is my great honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 28th edition of RMUN. .

This year’s, RMUN theme is Sic Parvis Magna – “from small things, greatness”.  Just as RMUN itself has grown from a small, one-day conference to being one of the premier secondary school MUNs in Singapore, we believe that by participating in RMUN, you, the delegates, can also take the first step in what will be an enriching, fulfilling Model UN journey like no other. Throughout the 3 days of the conference, you will learn, grow and mature – not only in delegate-specific skills such as lobbying and drafting resolutions, but also in gaining deeper insights into the issues being discussed, and learning to view the world in a more nuanced way.

Last year’s edition of RMUN had 368 delegates from 31 schools, many of whom were first timers, and we are proud to continue this tradition of being a diverse, welcoming and beginner-friendly Model UN conference for secondary school delegates.

If this is your first conference, RMUN is the place for you to take that bold initial step:  be it giving your first-ever speech, or leading a bloc of your own and perhaps even drafting your first resolution. MUN may seem daunting at first, but our chairs will create an environment where you can take this step forward without fear. I guarantee that with every speech you make and every motion you raise, it gets slightly easier and slightly more comfortable, until one day you will find yourself speaking with a confidence you never even knew you possessed. Know that every ‘experienced’ delegate was once in your shoes, and that how much you gain at the end of the conference will depend solely on how much you choose to challenge yourself.

Even if this is your seventh conference,  you can look to further expand your skill-set, and to apply what you have gleaned from past conferences to debate. You can also look forward to engaging with your equally experienced peers in our Category B and Category C councils, where I am sure the range and depth of the topics discussed will prove challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

Regardless, rest assured that you are in safe hands – our chairs are vastly experienced in the MUN circuit.Academic rigour has always been the hallmark of all editions of RMUN, and this year is no different – study guides are held to the highest standards and conscientiously vetted by our Academics Team. With a diverse selection of topics ranging from ensuring socially responsible tourism to the protection of civilians in armed conflict, I am sure there will be much to pique your interest.

We have an amazing conference planned for you ahead, so we hope to see you on 4th, 6th-7th June, here in Raffles Institution!

Yours Sincerely,

Lau Ka Keong, Andrew

Secretary-General of Raffles Model United Nations 2019